Welcome to the new PeriShip blog! This will be a forum to provide information on the unique services PeriShip provides, give updates on the recent activities of the PeriShip team, as well as shine a spotlight on some of our valuable customers and their delicious products. Today, in our inaugural blog post, we will provide a glimpse into what PeriShip is, and what we can do for our perishable shippers.

What is PeriShip?

PeriShip, LLC is a Value Added Service Provider exclusive to FedEx that helps shippers of perishable products concentrate on their core business of producing, sourcing and selling fantastic products. By exclusively managing shipments that transit the FDX Network, we ensure that the expectations of all Supply Chain Stakeholders (including FDX) are exceeded.

PeriShip helps small and medium size businesses getting started in their shipping. PeriShip’s industry specific services and ability to enhance the visibility of shipments serves shippers and their customers well. The PeriShip Logistics Solution provides an extreme level of custodial control and customer care that no one else in the industry can provide. PeriShip’s ability and expertise in managing shipments and working proactively to provide package exception resolution will help protect product integrity, while allowing customers to grow their business.

Check out our About Us section to learn more about how PeriShip goes above and beyond for not just its customers, but for its customers’ customers as well.

What can PeriShip do for me?

By shipping with PeriShip, you will streamline your processes and have an opportunity to concentrate on your core business of sourcing, producing and selling fantastic products, while resting assured that a Team of Logistic professionals is managing your shipments and issue resolution. 

Most importantly, we act as an extension of our customers by taking interest and pride in their business as if it was ours. Whether is a re-attempt because the restaurant is closed, a loading dock being full, an incorrect address on the package, a package that is returned, rerouted or expedited, we ensure timely actions and follow up… Saturday and Sunday too if needed. We understand that you want your shipments of perishable products in your customer's hands when they need to be there, and if for any reason there is a delay, you want early and concise information that can be used to reshape the expectations of all involved.

Interested in learning more about what PeriShip can do for you and your business? Send us an e-mail at info@periship.com or fill our an inquiry at New Client Setup  and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

The team here at PeriShip looks forward to using this blog as a platform to share valuable information with our audience; whether it is providing packaging tips for those delicious cheesecakes during the warm summer months, or how to amend your shipping practices to prepare for the upcoming snow storm, PeriShip is your perishables shipping solution!

From caviar to seafood, meat to tasty specialties, you just found a better way to ship perishables.

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