Packing for the Summer Months

As temperatures begin to rise and the official start of summer begins this weekend, it is more important than ever to make sure your perishable shipments are getting to their destination successfully. Having trouble searching the internet to find useful information that would ensure your packages don’t spoil in transit? Look no further, PeriShip has a team of experts with years of experience ready to help you get your shipments to their destination successfully.

Here are a few quick tips for the summer:

Seafood is a summer staple that can be shipped either frozen or fresh.  When shipping frozen seafood, it is better to use dry ice to extend available transit time. Frozen gels can be used but only with limited transit during the summer months. Be sure to pay particular attention when shipping any fresh products. Seal the product in polyethylene bags, use moisture proof containers to avoid wet ice.

Tis the seasons of backyard BBQs!

It’s important to know that when shipping any fresh meats the inside of the box needs to be maintained at a certain temperature and can only be shipped using gel packs. Next day transit is recommended for any fresh meats.  Frozen meats travel well, allowing for extended transit time because it is a refrigerant in itself. Adding dry ice or frozen gels to the shipment will also extend transit.

Remember to eat your vegetables! Fresh produce can be packaged with either refrigerated or frozen gel packs depending on the type. For packaging softer products, be sure to create a separation between the individual pieces to prevent collision and bruising.

Nothing like a refreshing dessert to cool you off.. Ice cream and frozen yogurt should be shipped frozen using dry ice as the best refrigerant enabling extended transit. Frozen gels can be used, but transit would be limited. Another dessert favorite, chocolate, is sensitive to temperature and humidity above 50%. Store the chocolate away from other foods and within the correct humidity, temperature and away from light. Baked goods can be shipped year round as well. For any frozen baked goods, make sure to use dry ice for it to stay frozen in transit.

Remember, how you pack your shipping system adds to total transit time. In general add 6 to 12 hours to the total shipment time to account for the “unknowns”, especially during these dog days of summer. Want to learn more specifics related to your shipments?  Sign up for PeriShip’s Packaging Tips!  PeriShip’s team of experts is ready to assist you because, the only thing we spoil is the customer!


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