Thanksgiving Week Network Expectations

The day prior to Thanksgiving is one of the top 10 volume delivery dates of the year for all carriers! And with the holiday for cranberry sauce and green bean casserole right around the corner, our Supply Chain Coordinator Melissa provides some valuable advice to all of our shippers:
“Hello All! Our team of Supply Chain coordinators are ready to track your packages over this Thanksgiving week! Here are some helpful measures when placing orders and shipping out next week:
FedEx operations have taken proactive steps to accommodate the additional volume by increasing staff, truck and aircraft routes, and also by extending the normal sorting times at the hub locations around the country. On both Tuesday 11.26.2013 and Wednesday 11.27.2013 the system is estimated to operate 90 to 120 minutes later than normal to accommodate your holiday shipments.
Please be assured that both FedEx and PeriShip are dedicated to the successful delivery of all shipments. In the event of a transit event, we will, at the very least, provide timely, accurate information as to the status of each package that will enable you to reshape your customers’ expectations.
Given the volume of shipments, we can anticipate there will be some transit events next week. To lessen the impact, here are some things that you can do to assist us:
  • Packaging and Coolant ratios: Packing your product is critically important and serves as the foundation of your perishable shipping program. Please be sure proper pre-conditioning of products and boxes and pack with enough coolant to allow for extra day transit. Take steps to minimize void space and ensure air bill is properly affixed to the shipment. Placing few strips of clear tape over the airbill is highly recommended.
  • Encourage your regular business and residential customers to order a day early and plan for possible transit events. Perhaps a posting on your web sites with a message or some type of disclaimer indicating that due to the holiday, there may be some exceptions.
  • Labeling: PeriShip labels should be used properly to ensure your shipments have additional visibility while transiting the network.
  • Multi-Unit dwellings and urban markets: If your customer is shipping to a multi-unit dwelling such as a condominium or apartment Complex or urban areas, please make them aware the package may not be released if the courier feels the area in unsuitable to leave the package. We wouldn’t want the shipment damaged or stolen. (A good option to avoid a delivery exception is to ship to the recipients work address, or to the local FedEx station where they can pick them up.)
  • Address and Phone number: Please ensure accurate address information is entered onto the air bill and provide a telephone number were the recipient can be reached during business hours. If available, please provide email address via the reference field when the air bill is processed.
  • Gift shipments: Please make customers that place gift orders aware that surprise perishable shipments can often have a negative outcome. At very least the customer who places the order should make the recipient aware that there is a package scheduled for delivery and provide them with the tracking number. (Or provide to the giftor to track order and call us with any questions)
  • Signature Required Orders: Orders with a declared value of 500.00 and above require a signature. Please verify at the point of sale that someone will be at the address all day to receive the order. The same also applies for orders that are processed were you are requiring a signature. If the courier is not able to obtain a signature on the 1st attempt the customer may have to pick up the orders at the local FedEx facility to avoid it being held over the holiday. (A good option to avoid a delivery exception is to ship to the recipients work address, or to the local FedEx station where they can pick them up.)
A PeriShip supply chain coordinator will be assigned to your account and tasked with managing any exceptions that may arise. Please monitor your email for important broadcast information on weather and system performance. We look forward to serving you during the upcoming holiday shipping season. 
Enjoy that extra slice of pecan pie – we have your packages covered!”

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