Kicking into High Gear!

The holiday season is officially under way! With an estimated 85 Million packages per week through the various networks, FedEx and PeriShip are hard at work to make sure your holiday orders are delivered fresh and on time.
FedEx Express and Ground operations have taken proactive steps by adding staff, truck and aircraft routes, and also by extending the normal sorting times at the hub locations across the country. To support your shipments this holiday season are 300,000 team members consisting of couriers, hub workers and flight staff, 90,000 truck and delivery vehicles, 660 aircrafts operating 24/7 and 1,800 office locations in the U.S.

The Memphis World Hub, when working at peak capacity, sorts 500,000 packages per hour across 42 miles of conveyor belt! To further accommodate, there more than 660 FedEx Express and 520 FedEx Ground facilities nationwide.
Multiple modes of transportation are used to deliver these shipments. These include boats, all-electric delivery vans and hybrid-electric delivery vans, even and gondolas and electric tricycles!

During this surge of holiday shipments, it is especially important to properly pre-condition products and pack with enough coolant to allow for extended transit times. Remember to minimize void space and ensure air-bill is properly affixed to the shipment. Placing few strips of clear tape over the air-bill is highly recommended.

Don’t forget your PeriShip label! PeriShip labels should be used properly to ensure your shipments have visibility while transiting the network.

We here at PeriShip are especially dedicated to the successful delivery of every shipment. In the event of a transit event, we will, at the very least, provide timely and accurate information as to the status of each package, enabling you to reshape your customers’ expectations. Stay tuned for further updates including important information on weather and system performance.

Thank you for making PeriShip your single point of contact for all of your perishable shipping needs and for allowing us to serve you in the upcoming holiday season. Happy shipping!

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