Eat your way through 2014!

As we say goodbye to 2013 and begin to settle into 2014, cue the predictions for the next big food trends. In 2013 we saw endless food mashups including the invention of the cronut, how to incorporate kale as an ingredient in every meal, and even “Thanksgivukkah”, (which marked the most Instagrammed day of the year flooding user’s feeds with pictures of turkeys and latkes) just to name a few.

What should we be prepared for next? Here are the 6 food trends we are most excited to encounter in 2014:

1. The rise of the biscuit. According to CNN Eatocracy, it’s predicted this will be the year biscuits make it big. 2014 is looking promising for these delicious baked treats and we are excited to see what crazy concoction they are involved in that makes headlines.

2. Dessert please! The Daily Meal says, watch out in 2014 for bite-sized desserts. More and more diners across the country have expressed their desire for a smaller treat to end their meal and restaurants are answering.

3. Beef is making a comeback. We weren’t aware beef was exactly “out” but this year chef Erik Anderson told The Daily Meal, chefs will find different ways to dress up this type of meat. This is one trend we are excited to keep an eye out for.

4. Vegetarians rejoice! It’s predicted this year chefs will add some delicious vegetarian options to their menu. Forbes writes diners should expect to be pleasantly surprised by these new and improved “no-meat-allowed” dishes!

5. Get a glass of water ready! You may want to prepare for your favorite foods to incur some extreme spiciness this year. In 2014, The Daily Meal writers predict some foods will be taken to the next level.

6. “Farm-to-table” trend rises even higher. The popularity of this trend already increased in 2013 and according to The National Restaurant Association, will skyrocket this year. It’s predicted more and more chefs will skip the middle man and grow their own ingredients.

We can’t be sure these foods will trend in 2014, but we can almost be certain we will see some big changes this year.

So, are you interested in being trendy this year? We may have a few suggestions for you!

For your next dinner party, don’t just serve bread, that’s so 2013. Order some delicious Callie’s Biscuits shipped straight to your door! For the main course? Take your pick from any of Pat Lafrieda’s delicious and juicy meats. You can even be trendy through dessert! Baked By Melissa’s bite-sized cupcakes will not disappoint.

Be sure to check back as we keep an eye on the success of these trends! For more information and details, as well as a few other trends to watch out for this year, visit The Daily Meal, CNN Eatocracy, “Forbes and The National Restaurant Association.

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