Look Out: 2014 Grocery Store Trends

When scanning the grocery isle, what determines which products end up in your cart? New research from Cone Communications says “Americans are willing to sacrifice variety and dollars in order to eat more consciously”. This conclusion is evidenced by the 2014 Cone Communications Food Issues Trend Tracker.

Results showed locally produced food, the use of sustainable packaging, animal welfare, and non-GMO products all play an important role for shoppers hitting the grocery store today.

According to the study, roughly 9 out of 10 Americans don’t only consider where the product is produced when making a decision to purchase, but two-thirds of Americans will pay more for a product produced closer to home. Furthermore, almost half of all Americans would sacrifice the variety of a certain product in order to buy locally sourced and grown food.

The study also showed more than 80% of Americans take into account the sustainability of both the product and packaging when making a purchase. A similar number of these shoppers would like to see more sustainable options available to them as well as information provided from the producer on how these purchases impact the environment.

Be transparent about GMO! Not only do 84% of consumers wish companies made more information regarding GMO and their products readily available to them, but more than half of shoppers don’t know if GMOs are good or bad!


Not surprisingly, the study also concluded most American shoppers take their friends and family into account when making purchasing decisions. Almost half of shoppers use the internet to gain insight into the product options available to them, companies that understand the consumer’s needs to be educated and obtain information regarding their will come out on top. Take a moment to consider your business internet presence. Is the information you provide on your product clear? Can they easily purchase your product via your e-commerce platform? We at PeriShip have in-house expertise on e-commerce for perishable goods. For more information please explore our website. Education is key!

Advertising to 2014’s consumers can no longer be just about lowering prices or how a product tastes; consumers are looking for more. Providing sustainable and locally grown options are the future selling point for consumers. Before 2014 slips away, think about small changes you can make to appeal to these buying trends. Identify your sources, reach out to your local community, and strengthen your internet presence. All of these steps can be a measure in grabbing your share of the marketplace. For further information, these results can be found on the Cone Communications website along with the full report.


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