PeriShip’s Visit to Seattle!

Even though the PeriShip office is located on the East Coast, our services span across the US. Frequently, members of the PeriShip team travel nationally to meet with customers and provide support in growing their business through ecommerce, shipping and packaging strategies. Not only do these trips prove beneficial in face-to-face contact with shippers, but they also further strengthen the partnership between FedEx and PeriShip. Our customers have fascinating facilities across the country, from pristine storefronts or warehouses that run like a well-oiled machine, the information we gain on these visits help us better serve our customers when we return home.

Last week, PeriShip ventured to the west coast and visited Washington State. CEO Luciano Morra as well as Senior Director of Operations, Fred G. Volk, spent the week traveling across the Evergreen State visiting with both customers and local FedEx representatives. From this northwestern corner of the country, there are tried and true fishing companies as well as innovative businesses all looking to share their products across the U.S. and PeriShip wants to be there to help!

We sat down with Fred to get all the details:


First up, a visit to Western United Fish. Their facility serves as the front line receiver of fresh seafood caught off the west coast. Thanks to the coordination of FedEx and PeriShip, they were able to discuss providing the company with a competitive edge regarding their direct store delivery program. This will enable Western United Fish to further open up their delivery markets. PeriShip also payed a visit to Northern Fish Co, who also ships delicious seafood caught off the west coast, to discuss the management of their direct store delivery program. Management of these programs is key in the perishable foods industry, where the amount of time these packages transit through the supply chain is important to the quality of the delivered product.

wild salmon

Wild Salmon Seafood Market

The trip continued with a visit to Wild Salmon Seafood Market at Fisherman’s Terminal! This proved to be an exciting visit as Wild Salmon Seafood was one of the original 5 companies who took advantage of PeriShip’s services and we’ve built a special relationship with them ever since. Given the location of the market at Fisherman’s Terminal, Fred and Luciano discussed how the company can increase revenue by using their location to market their brand. We look forward to seeing where Wild Salmon Seafood takes their business in the future!

seattle- Pike place

Made it to Pike Place!

No trip to Seattle would be complete without stopping by Pike Place Market! Here, Luciano and Fred visited Jack’s Fish Spot. In an area constantly filled with cruise ships and tourists, the market is ripe for both a busy storefront and a high demand for these vacationers to re-live the experience at home. Tourists may decide they’d like to send a sample of the delicious product they’ve tasted to their loved ones, or to themselves! Through PeriShip and FedEx, Jack’s Fish Spot is able to put their focus on handle their storefront, which is constantly filled with visitors, and can leave the maintenance of the shipments to us.

seattle caviar (2)

Seattle Caviar Storefront

Next up, a stop by Seattle Caviar. Seattle Caviar takes advantage of the peace of mind PeriShip provides for the company in both their local retail and wholesale delivery. Like many shippers who utilize PeriShip, Seattle Caviar can focus on their local store and further build their relationships with customers while PeriShip monitors their shipments to and from their destination, ensuring successful delivery.


Now on to some delicious chocolate! Fred and Luciano were able to visit Fran’s Chocolates’ new store located in University Village. As a long time PeriShip customer, the team takes every chance they can to visit the Fran’s stores, and of course, sample some of their delicious chocolates. Also that week, a visit to Chocolopolis! This company proves to be unique in that all local retail and packing production is under one roof. Chocolopolis relies heavily on PeriShip to help manage their ecommerce program. Chocolopolis takes advantage of PeriShip’s location on the east coast to oversee early monitoring shipment activity, while visions of chocolate meltaways still dance in their slumbering head! If problems arise, PeriShip’s call center team works to proactively manage these exceptions through analyzing the best options moving forward in order to get these packages to their destination as fast as possible.


seattle- fedex airportPeriShip’s east coast location serves as a unique benefit for companies located on the west coast. With the PeriShip team starting their day early on the east coast, west coast store owners could just be going to sleep and the PeriShip team is already at work identifying possible exceptions, weather patterns or flight delays. For west coast companies, the PeriShip team has quite possibly resolved these issues before they wake up in the morning. PeriShip also continues working late into the evening to ensure all packages going to and coming from locations on the west coast are delivered successfully. No matter where a shipper is located or where a package is going to, PeriShip is equipped with the ability to make sure no package gets left behind.

Both Luciano and Fred were very grateful to have the chance to go west and support shippers using PeriShip services. They look forward to returning in a couple of to see firsthand our customers’ progress and further strengthen the relationships with our customers. (And maybe to fill up on more fish and chocolates!)

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