Navigating the fish counter – or deep blue oceans!

We here at PeriShip are BIG on seafood (our office overlooks marshland!) and so when we came across National Geographic’s Seafood Decision Guide we knew we had found a gem.  This tool allows you to search and filter the fish based on heart healthy choices, or those high in Omega-3.  When we searched for heart healthy fish that are low in mercury, our results came back with this:



Wanting to know more, we clicked on Salmon (Alaska) and found even more valuable information:


This sounds like a super fish! The National Geographic Seafood Decision Guide tells us that the Alaskan Salmon has the BEST Sustainability Ranking, HIGH Omega-3 Content, and LOW Mercury Level.  We know what’s ending up on our dinner plates this weekend.

We continued to search and got lost in the learning about all different types of seafood, from Arctic Char to Yellowtail, and found facinating information about what is in our oceans and on our plates.  We encourage you explore the wide blue waters and what’s within for yourself!

Link to Guide: National Geographic Seafood Decision Guide


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