Ecommerce article round-up

We here at PeriShip know that the future lies in the Ecommerce marketplace, and we want to prep and prepare our shippers with as much information as possible in this brave new retail frontier.  We scoured the web for resources on how to end up on top in the Ecommerce marketplace:

5 Easy eCommerce Solutions for Non-Technical People (click link to left to view article)

Let’s start with the basics. For those of you sayingadept enough to buy lots of things online, but have no idea how they end up in your cart, this is the place to start. Mobilized goes through five easy shopping platforms, from Shopify to WooCommerce, and outlines the reasons why (or why not) to go with this platform in easy-to-understand terms.

14 Key Ecommerce Events to Track in Google Analytics (click link to left to view article)

Now that you have your shopping cart up and running the key to finding greater success is keeping a close eye on what works and what doesn’t work.  There are numerous tools to help you with this task, a great one being Google Analytics.  This article from Practical Ecommerce points to the areas where you should identify the habits and patterns of visitors to your online shop.  Are they dropping off after putting items in the cart?  Are they clicking through on promotions featured on the home page? The more you know about the patterns of your visitors the more you can customize the shop to find a successful solution.

Shoppers will buy more holiday gifts online (click link to left to view article)

Lastly, pay attention to general shopping trends. While forecasts may disagree on what shoppers will buy, there is general consensus that they’ll be buying it online. projects combined November and December online retail sales will top $100 billion for the first time. Internet Retailer dives into what the forecasts predict, and what impact they may have on the Ecommerce marketplace.  Knowing your sales environment helps you be a more savvy Etailer. 

Throughout the holiday buying season and beyond, PeriShip will keep you informed on the latest trends, information, and resources to keep you in the forefront of the Ecommerce marketplace.  After all, information is perishable!


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