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PeriShip Social MediaAs we have said before on Freshnex News, Information and Marketplace Ideas, the holidays are right around the corner and the clock is ticking for you to prepare your website and social media platforms in order to take advantage of the holiday crush. In this day and age of connectivity, there are so many tools to take advantage of and drive business to your website for Ecommerce sales.  PracticalEcommerce gives us some tips and tricks to use social media to the best of your advantage:

10 Tips for Using Social Media in Holiday Ecommerce Marketing

Here is an except from their article:

1. Use Social Media as a Layer, Not a Channel: Think as social media as a support of the marketing you currently do.  It is a layer of your business, not your sole business platform. By encouraging sharing of your messages it will bring new visitors to your site.

2. Decorate Your Social Media Graphics with Holiday Themes: Get in the spirit! There are multitudes of resources out there to help create new and interactive themes for your social media graphics.

Want more? Read the full article here: 10 Tips for Using Social Media in Holiday Ecommerce Marketing

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