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With the last of the leaves falling off of the trees there is no more avoiding it, we are barreling headfirst into the busy holiday season.  That’s why we’re digging into our “Greatest Hits” blog post to remind you of how PeriShip can been your partner in getting through the influx of orders, shipments, and deliveries. Take some time on this Friday afternoon to prepare for the coming months, and to enjoy this blog post first published in early September (we started thinking about the holidays even earlier then that!).  PeriShip is just a call away at (203)315-8637 or at


Another Holiday Shipping Season is upon us, and, like many other shippers across the country, you are likely getting ready to handle the additional volume. You are doing everything possible to maximize your sales and the delivery of your products on time and in perfect condition.  Do you have all the tools you need to have a smooth Holiday Shipping Season? PeriShip is here to help and to share some useful tips to help conquer that last mile of the sale!


PeriShip understands the emotional expectations typically associated with shipping and receiving a perishable package.  We also understand that during the holiday period this emotional expectation increases, and for that reason it is critical that packaging , holiday shipping policies, shipping cut-off dates, and proper service selection (Priority, Standard, Economy Two days Ground, Home Delivery) are all properly planned out to handle the increased volume.  It is crucial that the shipper has a clear and comprehensive approach for dealing with increases in volume and expectations.

Shipping Cut-Off Dates

On this topic PeriShip offers advice as if it were us directly shipping great meats, seafood, chocolates, cupcakes, pizzas and confectionaries all across the U.S. to a demanding and discerning clientele. PeriShip management has thirty years of Holiday Shipping under its belt and can help you set realistic expectations. One thing is for sure though, encourage customers to order early and to build an extra day into your shipping for recovery. We are available to share more on this topic; reach out to us here: Request Further Information

During the week of Thanksgiving and the ten calendar days preceding Christmas all carriers are over capacity. It does not matter how many trucks, planes and personnel are added to the operation, some delays are bound to happen. The key is to have the communication open with all supply chain stakeholders and provide timely and accurate information so the expectations of all involved can be reshaped. PeriShip is here to lessen the inconvenience and take on the burden of the extensive communications required to proactively manage transit events of any sort. We are here for you in the time of need.

Communication to Customers

Emphasize to your customers the importance of providing a valid phone number, a correct address with unit and or floor number, and an email address. Accurate information will help ease the process of getting timely information to and from a recipient, and can sometimes mean the difference between an on-time and delayed delivery.


Make sure you pack your products for an extra day in transit and in a way that meets the pressure of rapid sorting systems, temperatures, and ensure you have no void space (empty spaces) in the box. If you eliminate void space the product will not roll, shift and tumble inside the package, and whatever coolant you are using will not become a pressing force against the product inside. Effective packaging is the key to exceed the expectations of your customers and to prevent damages, and wasted product.

Tape is cheap…To provide extra protection and ensure all the flaps of the box are sealed, use the letter “H” seal method. It is called the letter “H” method as once complete, the tape on the box will look like a capital letter “H”.  It will also reveal any evidence of tampering with the box because of the quantity of tape that would have to be removed. Do not use masking tape, cellophane tape or duct tape. A pressure sensitive plastic tape of at least two inches in width is highly recommended.

Here are other helpful tips on how to pack your shipment:

  • Place delivery information inside and outside the package, including an address for your recipient and for yourself.
  • Do not list a P.O. box address, as the box will not be delivered.
  • Remove or cross out any old address labels on the outer box. An old barcode or address on the box can result in a mis-delivered or delayed box.
  • Place package labels and packing slips facing the same direction on the same side of the package.
  • Avoid wrapping labels around a corner or directly on an edge or seam of the package.
  • Place shipping labels on the package’s largest surface.


Gel packs should be frozen for at least 48 to 72 hours prior to use, so plan ahead and ensure your freezer is set to a minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Pack your product rapidly and remember that whatever temperature your product has during packing, that is the temperature the gel pack will try to maintain. It also will be wise to keep whatever container you will use to pack your product in a very cool environment. More info regarding these important topics is available on our website in our Packaging Tips.

Pickup Operations

Keep the line of communication open with your pick up driver and ensure you have a system in place that will alert you if the pickup has not taken place by the supposed time. It also will be useful to always stage freight to be picked up in the same spot, and if occasionally is not possible due to logistical reasons, make sure the pickup driver knows to check with someone before departing your facility. Also from time to time, in situations such as weather events, the pickup may take place earlier than normal, hence the importance of keeping communication open amongst stakeholders. Keep your loading dock or pickup area free of snow, ice and vehicles so your pickup drivers can come in and out as quickly they can, so they can ensure your packages make the necessary connections and reach your customers.


We look forward to talking with you and expound more on this very important topic. With proper planning and realistic expectations you can have a fantastic Holiday Shipping Season!


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