Text messaging is here!

Hello PeriShip Shippers!

text msgingThis holiday season we are taking additional steps in the effort to communicate more effectively with the recipients of your packages, and so we are thrilled to deploy another tool : text messaging. In an effort to help manage package exceptions in a timely manner (as information is perishable), our newest tool allows us to directly text your recipients with updates and information related directly to their shipment.  The message will be short, identify us as a sender, urging the recipient to call us and/or visit the PeriShip website to exchange information and opt to receive continued communication from us via text, phone, or email. We are planning an official roll out by December 1st.

To take advantage of this new PeriShip tool, we ask that you simply email us at info@periship.com with an “Opt In” reply.  Later rollouts of our PeriShip Customer Portal will allow you to conduct this function directly in the Admin section of the Portal.

By replying “Opt In” you are authorizing PeriShip from time to time, when necessary, and at our sole PeriShip discretion, to text your customers. As everything else here at PeriShip, cell phones numbers will be kept confidential and only used for the purposes of communicating with your customers about their packages.

It will be great if at your point of sales can request a valid cell phone number from the recipient so to ease communications.

We welcome and appreciate any feedback on this new tool; please do not hesitate to contact us with any thoughts or questions at info@periship.com .

Yours in Service,

The PeriShip Team

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