Holiday Packing Ship Tips from FedEx Office Experts

During this holiday season, FedEx expects about 290 million packages to be shipped worldwide between November 28th and December 24th. To lighten your load, FedEx put together these expert tips on how to prepare and pack those long-awaited holiday shipments. The employees of FedEx treat your shipment as if it were their own!


Tip 1: Prep Your Item

 There are a couple key questions that you need to ask yourself before you start preparing your box: is your gift sturdy or fragile? Does it have square edges (is it shaped like the box it’s in)? If your gift has any odd angles, you will want to use cushioning to “square off” any of those odd angles. If your gift is hollow, like a bowl or vase, you are going to want to fill the void space with something that can protect it: packing peanuts, cushioning wrap or firmly crumpled paper.

Tip 2: Choose the Best Box

 If you’re looking for a box to use, think again about the few that may be sitting around your warehouse! You should use a new, sturdy box that is a few inches larger than your product on all sides.

Tip 3: Cushioning Is Key

 If you want to be ensured that your gift will make it safely to its destination, you must use cushioning inside your box. Use at least one inch layer (preferably two inches) of cushioning around the item, including the top, bottom and all four sides.

Tip 4: Fragile Gift? Double It

 When you are shipping something fragile, you will want to use two boxes and instead of 1-2 inch layers of protection, cushion your item with at least three inches of cushioning material. Once you’ve added that layer of protection to the first box, place it within a second, slightly larger box, with another layer of cushioning.

Tip 5: Pack In the Address

 Sometimes winter weather can streak or remove shipping labels and paperwork can get lost from pouches. To avoid your shipping labels and paperwork that is inside a pouch from becoming damaged from the winter weather, always put an extra shipping label, business card, or letterhead with the shipper and recipient’s address information inside the box before sealing it up. In case a label is separated from the box it can be opened, identified, and relabeled with the appropriate address.

Tip 6: Seal It Tight

Just like your shipping labels, you want to make sure your box does not have the ability for winter rain, sleet and snow to seep inside your box. Make sure all the flaps and seams are sealed using proper packing tape that is at least 2” (5cm) wide; make an “H” shape when taping the seams. As a warning, do not use duct tape or masking tape! This type of tape loses some of its adhering strength when in contact with the outside elements.

Tip 7: Keep Your Wrappings Inside the Box

Are you thinking about wrapping your shipping box to make it look more aesthetically pleasing? As beautiful as wrapped gifts are, FedEx asks that you do not wrap your shipping box and keep wrapped items inside the box; the wrapped items can get caught in the sorting machines.

Tip 8: Label It Right

 With proper labeling, you can ensure that your package will get to its destination on time! If you’re using a FedEx shipping label, airbill, or airway bill, fill it out completely and accurately. Make sure your shipping label is secure on the box by running your hand over it firmly. When using a pouch, make sure the peel-off strip has been removed and it is firmly sealed. Avoid any corners, edges, and seams when placing labeling on your box.

Tip 9: When In Doubt, Call in the Experts

 Not sure how to pack your gift or product When in doubt, call the experts! PeriShip team members are specially trained and can help with any customizations. We can even conduct test shipments with you to test new packaging materials or methods.

Tip 10: Plan Ahead to Avoid Deadlines

 FedEx encourages their customers not to wait until the last minute to ship holiday gifts to friends or family. Even though FedEx is known for their speed and reliability, other events may occur during transit that could affect when your gifts arrive to the recipients. Also, always pack your box for an extra day of transit; events may occur that delay your delivery, and careful packing can keep your shipment fresh through extended transit.

Bonus Tip: Partner with PeriShip!

PeriShip is a value-added service provider exclusive to FedEx and the perishable foods industry. We understand the unique challenges of shipping perishable food products, can provide solutions to your holiday shipping pain points. We provide daily tracking and monitoring of your shipments, event management, and package consultation. Contact us today at (203) 315-8637 or at

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