“When Cargo Calls for Special Handling”

As eCommerce makes a booming rise, shippers and consumes are becoming more aware of the importance of packaging perishable shipments.  In the article When Cargo Calls for Special Handling published on December 16, 2014 featured in the Food Logistics Magazine, a few of PeriShip’s big shippers have nothing but positive things to say about our service.

Lois Barrie from The Crab Broker exclaims “They hand held my package,” … “FedEx is acknowledging that perishable shipment is important.”

Being an exceptional logistics provider, we ensure Lois and many other customers of the reliability of their FedEx deliveries. By providing information such as weather outlooks and real time status updates, we can ensure that any package will be delivered with care.

“’Delays are rare’, says CEO Ed Diaz from BestFiletMignon.com, and PeriShip calls his customer if they occur. Having a third party make this call for him gives added credibility and insures his customer relationship. ‘It adds a layer of supervision which we, as a small company, can’t do on our own,’”

We have the capability to alert FedEx of any corrections that need to be made regarding a delivery.

“Those are the things we alone do not have access to and cannot do” … “The joint efforts and services of these two logistics providers are invaluable to a small company like ours shipping high value perishable products. They are integral to our success” says Diaz.

We are delighted to have been mentioned in this article by Food Logistics Magazine!  A big thank you to all of our shippers for counting on us during everyday deliveries, especially during the busy holiday season!







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