Which Delivery Option Is Best For You?

When shipping perishable items, timing is everything. FedEx offers multiple different shipping options with different pricing, varying guarantees, and all extremely reliable. A Customer Resolution Specialist or Sales Representative can help you select which FedEx service is right for your product and delivery schedule. Keep in mind, the shipping option you choose also impacts your packaging requirements.

Despite which FedEx service you choose, our team will handle your shipment with the same quality care and attention to detail. That is one of the advantages of PeriShip: we do not give you a lower level of support because you chose a lower cost delivery option. PeriShip offers the same level of support across all FedEx networks!

FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground/Home Delivery® have different operations, rates and policies. There are four main differences between FedEx Ground and FedEx Express: price, product loss coverage, service offerings, and the time it takes to resolve an issue. Ground/Home Delivery® is less expensive than Express due to lower transportation costs and fewer guarantees.FedEx Plane

**Note: Ground/Home Delivery® does not cover loss of perishable products. For some of your perishable shipments the additional cost of Express may be worth the reduced transit time and the additional guarantees from FedEx.

No matter what service you chose, all packages receive the same support and attention from PeriShip, but issue resolution may be slightly different depending on the service chosen. For example, if an address correction is required for a package shipped Express, a second delivery attempt may be made the same day. However, in the Ground/Home Delivery® network, a delivery re-attempt may take an extra day due to different operating scenarios. But rest assured, PeriShip mission intent to deliver a package no matter what, is always the same.

Ground/Home Delivery® is recommended for overnight delivery areas and regularly scheduled deliveries such as meal kits, groceries, juices, and in cases where utilizing FedEx instead of your own fleet makes sense.

5No matter which FedEx delivery service you choose, most of the time deliveries are made without a hitch, but sometimes there are exceptions. PeriShip has exceptional expertise in managing exceptions! Because we know how FedEx operates and we have strong relationships with their employees, in most situations we are able to steer a shipment back on track.

Please be aware that if your shipment is destined to an apartment complex or a busy urban area, the package may not be released if the courier feels the place is unsuitable to leave the package. This is for your protection and the protection of your shipment. This is a common issue for deliveries to multi-unit apartment complexes, brown stone neighborhoods, and gated communities with access codes. One alternative is to ship to the recipient’s work address or to the local FedEx station where the recipient can pick up the shipment. Note FedEx Express and Ground drivers are dispatched from different stations.

If you still are unsure of which FedEx delivery option is best for you, call us! A Customer Resolution Specialist or Sales Representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have!
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