PeriShip’s “Go-To” Guy

In every company, there is often one individual who is the “go-to” for anything and everything.  If someone is looking for an answer, no matter how simple or complicated the question may be, there is always one individual who everyone turns to.  For PeriShip, that person is Fred G. Volk III.

It would be simple just to introduce him as our Senior Director of Operations, but his job duties go far beyond that.  His vast knowledge about the logistics world began over 20 years ago with FedEx, where he started as a driver and worked his way up to leadership.  Fred also worked for the first internet company that matched shippers and receivers of high-end perishable foods products and together with his valuable training and expertise gained at FedEx, he helped build the foundation of PeriShip in 2001. Since that two desk office in 2001, Mr. Volk now oversees PeriShip’s day-to-day operations and gives guidance to our team, so we are successful in any task.

DSCN0510So, in conjunction to being PeriShip’s “go-to” guy, what exactly does Fred do as our Senior Director of Operations?  A major part of his responsibilities include building strong and lasting partnerships with our customers.  Fred travels all across the United States to meet with our shippers at their facilities, in their kitchens, and sometimes even on their boats!  As we all may know, some things are not that easy to convey via phone or email.  To see firsthand how each unique business operates, and to understand their specific shipping needs, Fred will travel (even all the way to Alaska!) to meet with shippers to make sure their needs and expectations are being exceeded. Not only does Fred enjoy traveling to make sure our shippers are being taken care of, but he enjoys building a personal relationship with each individual he meets.  Often times, business relationships never form past beyond the normal telephone call, but Fred understands that more can get accomplished when there is face to face communication.

In addition to traveling to meet with shippers, Fred will travel to many FedEx locations and hubs.  When he travels to these locations, his primary goal is to grow his understanding and establish relationships.   The information Fred receives from these trips travels back to the team at PeriShip.  Every day, PeriShip is in constant communication with shippers and recipients of packages and it is absolutely imperative that the information we provide is accurate, up to date, and informative.  If we are not knowledgeable about how FedEx operates, we cannot provide the best level of customer service we can.  Fred strongly believes that his travels to FedEx locations allow PeriShip to go that extra mile in providing shippers and their recipients the level of knowledge they need in order to be not only informed, but successful.

_MG_6523 (2)Aside from traveling to better relationships with shippers, Fred oversees our operations and sales teams at PeriShip.  Every morning, Fred holds a Call Center meeting to review the national weather, packages in the system and out for delivery, as well as any unique events occurring that day.  Prior to these meetings, Fred has been in contact with FedEx personnel to be aware if there are any flight or weather delays, or any other exception in the network.  This information gets translated into actionable intelligence for our Call Center team.  It is in this manner that we are able to provide meaningful updates and information to both our shippers and their recipients.

Traveling across the country to meet with shippers, building personal yet professional relationships, and leading our teams, Fred G Volk III has become without a doubt the face of PeriShip.  Being the “go-to” guy is not an easy task, but we have to say he is good at it! His goal for PeriShip to provide the highest quality of customer service in all aspects is what makes him so beneficial to our team.

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