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Monthly Archives: May 2015

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 5/31/15 to 6/6/15

National Weather Outlook Unlike previous weeks, large storm systems will not be present in the South as much as they will be in other regions.  A large storm system bringing ample amounts of rain and thunderstorms will stretch from the tip of Maine to Florida, to parts of

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 5/24/15 to 5/30/15

National Weather Outlook Rain, rain, go away! While the East and West coasts start the week off with sunny and clear skies, the Midwest, South, and western parts of the country are experiencing rain and thunderstorms.  Higher elevations in Colorado are still being exposed to wintry

Ingredient Statement: Meat

Bacon for breakfast, salami for lunch, and a burger for dinner. Sound familiar? On average, Americans consume 1.5 servings of meat each day. Of the total meat consumed in the United States, 22% of it is processed, to include hot dogs, some types of deli

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 5/17/15 to 5/23/15

National Weather Outlook Starting off the week there will be numerous thunderstorms throughout the country, with the heaviest hit in the Midwest and South. Large storm systems will throughout the Northwest, Midwest, South, and parts of the East coast. As the week progresses these large

Ingredient Statement: Fish

The Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI) continuously strives to encourage individuals to become aware of the products they are purchasing.  Recently, NGI published a statement focusing on safe and sustainable choices when selecting seafood. NGI follows certain guidelines when purchasing the most healthy and sustainable options.

What is Source Verification?

As a consumer, you possess the right to know where and how the food you intake is made.  From the food’s creation until the time it reaches your plate, the Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI) hopes to spread awareness to the importance of source verification. It

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 5/10/15 to 5/16/15

National Weather Outlook Just when we thought snowfalls were over, the West will experience a storm system bringing snow and ice on Sunday. There will be a large storm system bringing rain throughout the Midwest and into the Northeast.  This system will bring thunderstorms as

What does proactive notifications mean?

One thing PeriShip takes pride in is our ability to notify our shippers and their recipients in a proactive manner. Whether it is communication by phone or email, our team is almost always in constant communication with our shippers giving them the most up to

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 5/3/15 to 5/9/15

National Weather Outlook The rain is still here to stay, as we move into our first full week of May.  To start the week, rain and thunderstorms will be present in the West and Midwest. Temperatures overall throughout the United States will warm up and