What is Source Verification?

As a consumer, you possess the right to know where and how the food you intake is made.  From the food’s creation until the time it reaches your plate, the Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI) hopes to spread awareness to the importance of source verification.

It is very common for different types of food to be exposed to various dangers such as added sugars, preservatives, and inhumane living conditions.  Source verification is a way for consumers to be aware and knowledgeable in the process in which their food is created.  One objective of NGI and source verification is to not change practices, but strives for consumers to know as much as they can regarding their food and how it is made.

In a recent article, NGI states                                                                                                                                        “Above all, source verification is just as much the consumer’s responsibility as it is the makers’ and growers’ of food. Consumers should make the effort to learn where their food is coming from, how it is grown, the impacts the ingredients they choose have on the planet, and the ultimate effects on their health. It is the consumer’s obligation to have an intimate connection to their food – this builds intelligence about sustainable versus destructive growing practices, fosters respect for all labor involved, and opens the conversation to inspire innovative solutions within the supply chain.”

To read more about source verification read here:  https://www.naturalgourmetinstitute.com/news/what-is-source-verification/


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