Ingredient Statement: Fish

The Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI) continuously strives to encourage individuals to become aware of the products they are purchasing.  Recently, NGI published a statement focusing on safe and sustainable choices when selecting seafood.

NGI follows certain guidelines when purchasing the most healthy and sustainable options.  The three main guidelines are that seafood should be traceable, harvested through low-impact practices from healthy stocks, and seasonal and locally caught whenever possible.13

Much of the seafood on the market is either mislabeled, treated with antibiotics, contains environmental contaminants, or has been raised on GMO foods, which is why rigorously applying ingredient standards is paramount to including seafood in a health-supportive diet.”

What are your thoughts on incorporating these guidelines into your purchasing habits? Are these factors that matter to you when you buy? Read more about how the NGI is making efforts to make individuals more aware of healthy and sustainable options about seafood

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