Ingredient Statement: Meat

Bacon for breakfast, salami for lunch, and a burger for dinner. Sound familiar?

On average, Americans consume 1.5 servings of meat each day. Of the total meat consumed in the United States, 22% of it is processed, to include hot dogs, some types of deli meat, and chicken nuggets. According to the Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI), a healthy diet should include consuming small amounts of high quality meats, and eliminate the processed foods.

3To make sure individuals are eating the highest quality of meats, NGI has set purchasing and consumption guidelines to follow for beef, poultry, and pork.  Some common guidelines these meats share is the need to be locally produced and pasture-raised, and be antibiotic and hormone free.

“Locally raised meat is superior because it has not traveled long distances and has not, therefore, been exposed to high levels of oxidation which depletes nutrient quality. Organic practices also ensure that growth hormones and antibiotics are not used on animals and hence, are not conferred to consumers.”

To learn more about the guidelines to eating higher quality meats read here:

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