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Monthly Archives: June 2015

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 6/28/15 to 7/4/15

National Weather Outlook As the month of June comes to an end, heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are still anticipated throughout the South, Midwest, and Northeast. At the start of the week, the Northeast will experience heavy rainfall, strong winds, and some thunderstorms while the Midwest

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 6/21/15 to 6/27/15

National Weather Outlook There will be a large storm system that covers the northeast bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms at the start of the week. Smaller storm systems will be present in the North, Southern Texas, and parts of Florida. Going into Monday, the Northeast

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 6/14/15 to 6/20/15

National Weather Outlook Large rain storms will be present in the Midwest, South, and parts of the East during the start of the week. These storms will also bring thunderstorms throughout the South and Midwest. Going into Monday, the rain storms will move towards the

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 6/7/15 to 6/13/15

National Weather Outlook To start the week, a storm system covering the Great Lakes region and extending to the West will bring rain and thunderstorms. There will be smaller scattered storm systems throughout the Southeast also bringing rain and thunderstorms. This storm system will move