PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 10/25/15 to 10/31/15

National Weather Outlook

We begin the week with a large rain storm system reaching from Eastern Texas extending to the tip of Maine. Parts of Texas should anticipate flash flooding, especially in the Dallas area. Local operations may be impacted due to the flooding, we will monitor and keep you informed of any delays.

A smaller storm system will form in the West bringing rain to Utah and parts of Seattle, Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona. Going into Tuesday, the storm system in the East will increase drastically and cover much of the eastern half of the country. This storm system will be bringing ample amounts of rain while the storm in the West will bring wintry weather to Montana.

Towards the end of the week, both storm systems will decrease in size. The storm in the west will become smaller and scattered throughout the Northwest. The East will continue to experience heavy rainfall however that storm system will decrease in size, but still spread from the tip of Maine to the Southern states such as Florida.

Weather at Major Express Sorting Hubs:

New York/NJ: This week will be mostly be filled with rain.
Operational Impact: Minimal

Memphis: Rain in the beginning of the week. The end of the week will be sunny.
Operational Impact: Minimal

Indianapolis: The middle of the week will experience rain. The remainder of the week will be partly cloudy.
Operational Impact: Minimal

Oakland: Mostly cloudy skies for the week. Temperatures can reach mid 70s.
Operational Impact: Minimal

Fort Worth:  With the exception of a chance of rain on Tuesday, this week will be mostly sunny and clear skies.
Operational Impact: Minimal

Weather at Major Ground Sorting Hubs:

Dallas, TX; *Depending upon impacts from flash flood over weekend

Portland, OR;  Los Angeles, CA; Rialto, CA; Sacramento, CA; Harrisburg, PA; Syracuse, NY;  Hartford, CT;  Woodbridge, NJ; Hagerstown, MD; Columbus, OH; Atlanta, GAMemphis, TN; Ft. Worth, TX; Champaign, IL; Boone County, KY; Nashville, TN; Charlotte, NC; St. Paul, MN; Denver, CO; Kansas City, KS; Phoenix, AZ; Orlando, FL; Salt Lake City, UT; Toledo, OH; Chicago, IL;

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