Perishable Package Shipping |Preserve Brand Integrity in the Last Mile

Preserving Brand Integrity in the Last Mile

With the abundance of online shopping, brands are faced with a new challenge: how to ship perishable goods efficiently. When done correctly, you can earn the customer’s loyalty, preserve brand integrity, and increase revenue growth.

Brand integrity is everything to your business. It helps define how customers perceive you. When your brand has integrity, customers know they can depend on you for a high-quality product. They know that you are always there for them and when they place an order with you, they can relax knowing you will take care of everything.

While you have complete control over your product within your facilities, and you take great care to ensure effective packaging, you relinquish this power as soon as the package is shipped out. But just because you are no longer in control, that doesn’t mean your brand integrity isn’t on the line.

The condition and timing of your package delivery plays a paramount role in your brand integrity, which is why the last mile is so critical. By making sure every step of the shipping and delivery process is smooth, you can preserve your value in your customers’ eyes.

What Is the Last Mile?

The last mile is defined as the final leg of the delivery process: the time when the package is picked up from the local distribution center and taken to the customer’s door. The logistics of the last mile are critical to your reputation. It is the only part of the shipping process that the customer sees, and it is a defining moment in their opinion of your brand. When your customers order from you, they expect the freshest ingredients and a superior product, and if you can successfully deliver this, you delight the customer and preserve your brand integrity. It doesn’t matter what else happens during the shipping process, it is the last mile that provides the final and lasting thoughts about your brand.

Common Challenges in the Last Mile

You want your perishable shipments to arrive on time so that there is no risk of spoilage. However, there are a lot of variables in play that can impact a smooth delivery, including: unexpected weather events, unavailable customers, restricted access for delivery trucks, incorrect addresses, and much more. Your customer is expecting instant gratification and stellar service, so there is no room for any excuses. Successful, on-time delivery is a non-negotiable expectation.

Why the Last Mile Matters

It is estimated that more than half of adults have taken a sick day in order to successfully receive a delivery—and 25% of them have done it without pay. As you can imagine, if they take the day off to receive a package that doesn’t arrive, they are going to be more than upset and your brand integrity will certainly be in question. Outside of that, the uncertainty of when the package is going to arrive and the task of waiting for it have been shown to cause stress. If there are any hiccups in the process, customers get angry. Not only are they sure to reach out to you with complaints, but they are also likely to speak to their friends, leave online reviews, or even complain on social media. And since word of mouth is everything in business, this is not what you want. Today’s customers have no patience for mistakes, and if the last mile goes awry, they may no longer value your brand or your product, and turn to your competition the next time they need to make a purchase.

Why Choose PeriShip for Perishable Package Shipping

While you may surrender control when you send your product out the doors, when you use PeriShip to handle the logistics and the last mile, you never have to worry about affecting your brand integrity. We specialize in the management of perishables shipments, and we are the experts at the ins and outs of this complicated process. We provide you with the timely updates you need—even on weekends—and combine them with effective resolution processes to make sure you earn repeat business, preserve brand integrity, and build customer loyalty. If at any point there is a delay, you will get the immediate, concise information you need to reshape the customer’s expectations and maintain their trust.

Our team of professionals treats your shipment as if it was their own, tracking and monitoring your package every step of the way. We can provide you with the peace of mind that everything is taken care of and your brand integrity will remain intact. Through our easy-to-use customer dashboard, you will always know where your perishable package is, and no matter what issues arise, we will do whatever needs to be done to make sure the last mile experience will cement your positive brand reputation. We can also provide thorough evaluations of your packaging to help you improve your processes going forward.

With PeriShip, you can streamline your shipping process while cementing your value into your customers’ minds. Let us handle the logistics so you can focus on producing and selling incredible products. To learn more about what our team of shipping and logistics experts can do for you, contact us now.

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