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What is PeriShip?

PeriShip, LLC is a Value Added Service Provider exclusive to FedEx that helps shippers of perishable products concentrate on their core business of producing, sourcing and selling fantastic products. By exclusively managing shipments that transit the FDX Network, we ensure that the expectations of all Supply Chain Stakeholders (including FDX) are exceeded.

Since 2001, we have been placing a unique focus on safeguarding the customer relationship, and dedicating ourselves to the economic interest of the Supply Chain Stakeholders. Our unwavering commitment to shippers and receivers of products allows us to command respect and create a clear sense of leadership and competency in the market place.

Several key members of the management team, including the sole owner of the company, Luciano Morra, previously worked for FedEx. After leaving FedEx to pursue other interests first, they all eventually came to PeriShip. Together, they help Luciano realize his vision of becoming indispensable partner for supply chain stakeholders who believe that everything starts and ends with the recipient of the package. We recognize that a perishable shipment has a set of “emotional expectations” that other shipments don’t have, and through the deep understanding and application of the “loop relation” concept, and deep understanding of primary and secondary shipment’s value we exceed customers expectation of service and support.

You can rest assured that PeriShip will always strive to place the interest of the Supply Chain Stakeholders (shipper-recipient and FedEx) ahead of its own.

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