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Ingredient Statement: Meat

Bacon for breakfast, salami for lunch, and a burger for dinner. Sound familiar? On average, Americans consume 1.5 servings of meat each day. Of the total meat consumed in the United States, 22% of it is processed, to include hot dogs, some types of deli

Ingredient Statement: Fish

The Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI) continuously strives to encourage individuals to become aware of the products they are purchasing.  Recently, NGI published a statement focusing on safe and sustainable choices when selecting seafood. NGI follows certain guidelines when purchasing the most healthy and sustainable options.

What is Source Verification?

As a consumer, you possess the right to know where and how the food you intake is made.  From the food’s creation until the time it reaches your plate, the Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI) hopes to spread awareness to the importance of source verification. It

Cyber Monday & Black Friday Deals!

Looking for those once a year super deals from your favorite companies? Luckily, Black Friday is right around the corner! A few of our loyal customers have posted deals that you can snag for this holiday season; some amazing juice cleanses, fresh seafood, seasonal sweets,

Navigating the fish counter – or deep blue oceans!

We here at PeriShip are BIG on seafood (our office overlooks marshland!) and so when we came across National Geographic’s Seafood Decision Guide we knew we had found a gem.  This tool allows you to search and filter the fish based on heart healthy choices, or

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Happy salmon season! From net to plate:

Salmon lovers; rejoice! It’s that time again! Salmon catch made news earlier this year regarding the drought-like conditions on the west coast. In early spring, officials trucked young salmon from their inland spawning grounds to the ocean in an effort to eliminate low-catch numbers in

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Look Out: 2014 Grocery Store Trends

When scanning the grocery isle, what determines which products end up in your cart? New research from Cone Communications says “Americans are willing to sacrifice variety and dollars in order to eat more consciously”. This conclusion is evidenced by the 2014 Cone Communications Food Issues

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Eat your way through 2014!

As we say goodbye to 2013 and begin to settle into 2014, cue the predictions for the next big food trends. In 2013 we saw endless food mashups including the invention of the cronut, how to incorporate kale as an ingredient in every meal, and

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Feed your Cyber Monday craving…

With an estimated 131 million shoppers expected to shop online this Cyber Monday, today could mark the busiest online shopping day of the year!  With that being said, those online deals could be a bit overwhelming. To make things a bit easier, we have compiled

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FDA proposes new FSMA proactive food safety rules

Attention those in the food industry, new rules released by the FDA that may have an impact on your business. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is intended to reduce the rate of food-borne illness in the United States through pre-active measures instead of reactionary