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SEO and the Power of the Word

Just a few years ago ‘ecommerce’ was a buzzword. Today, that buzzword has redefined the way we shop – and the way we sell. Ecommerce can be a major advantage for companies; your online store is open 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days

Keeping cool and dry

Whether you’re grilling up steaks or getting ready for your annual fish fry, one thing is for sure, you’re counting on your summer eats to be fresh when they’re delivered to your door. There’s nothing worse than discovering that your backyard barbeque is spoiled because

Dimensional (DIM) Weight

As a shipper, you may have heard of the term Dimensional weight (DIM weight) before, but do you know exactly what it means? DIM weight is the theoretical weight of a package based on the length, height, and width of the box. This concept of

Different Types of Cardboard

You know all the ingredients that go into your product, but how much do you know about the type of cardboard box your product goes in? If your initial reaction was, “I had no idea there was more than one type of cardboard”, then this

How does the text messaging work?

If you are a PeriShipper you have heard about the new tool that we are releasing for our shippers: Text Messaging. Our newest tool allows us to directly text your recipients with updates and information related directly to their shipment. How does this work, you

Text messaging is here!

Hello PeriShip Shippers! This holiday season we are taking additional steps in the effort to communicate more effectively with the recipients of your packages, and so we are thrilled to deploy another tool : text messaging. In an effort to help manage package exceptions in

How PeriShip can help you this holiday season!

With the last of the leaves falling off of the trees there is no more avoiding it, we are barreling headfirst into the busy holiday season.  That’s why we’re digging into our “Greatest Hits” blog post to remind you of how PeriShip can been your

Keep it on ice…

Shipping frozen products can be a gamble for any shipper, and even the receiver. What is worse than opening a long-anticipated package, to see that it has spoiled or melted? At PeriShip, we assist you in ways to avoid a catastrophe like this. The number

Ecommerce article round-up

We here at PeriShip know that the future lies in the Ecommerce marketplace, and we want to prep and prepare our shippers with as much information as possible in this brave new retail frontier.  We scoured the web for resources on how to end up

Navigating the fish counter – or deep blue oceans!

We here at PeriShip are BIG on seafood (our office overlooks marshland!) and so when we came across National Geographic’s Seafood Decision Guide we knew we had found a gem.  This tool allows you to search and filter the fish based on heart healthy choices, or