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PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 11/29/15 to 12/5/15

National Weather Outlook There will be a large storm system bringing heavy rainfall to the South and Midwest to to start the week. There will also be a storm system (Winter Storm Cara) in the West and the South bringing a mixture of snow and ice,

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 9/27/15 to 10/3/15

National Weather Outlook The eastern part of the country will experience heavy rain for much of this week. Starting on Sunday, two storm systems will form in the Carolinas and in the South, particularly in Florida, and will bring heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. Moving into

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 8/30/15 to 9/5/15

National Weather Outlook This week we are saying goodbye to August… a fast summer that was! To begin the week, a large storm system will cover much of the Southeast and Midwest, especially Florida, from Tropical Storm Erika bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms. Smaller and

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 8/2/15 to 8/8/15

National Weather Outlook To begin the month of August, anticipate warm temperatures and scattered storm systems bringing rain and thunderstorms throughout the country. Parts of the West and Northwest will experience a heat wave which will make temperatures reach triple digits. The Northeast, Midwest, parts

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 7/26/15 to 8/1/15

National Weather Outlook As we close out the month of July anticipate rainfall and heavy thunderstorms all over the country throughout the week, which may impact the transit networks in certain areas. The Northeast will begin the week with rainfall and thunderstorms. The rain will

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 7/19/15 to 7/25/15

National Weather Outlook We begin the week with heavy thunderstorms in the Midwest and Southeast, and large rain storm systems throughout parts of the West and Northeast. Going into Monday, the rain systems will cover much of the East Coast while smaller scattered systems will

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 7/5/15 to 7/11/15

National Weather Outlook The first full week of July will be a wet one, with heavy storm systems with potential transit impacts moving throughout the country. To start off the first full week of July, two large storm systems will make their way into the

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 6/28/15 to 7/4/15

National Weather Outlook As the month of June comes to an end, heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are still anticipated throughout the South, Midwest, and Northeast. At the start of the week, the Northeast will experience heavy rainfall, strong winds, and some thunderstorms while the Midwest

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 5/31/15 to 6/6/15

National Weather Outlook Unlike previous weeks, large storm systems will not be present in the South as much as they will be in other regions.  A large storm system bringing ample amounts of rain and thunderstorms will stretch from the tip of Maine to Florida, to parts of

PeriShip Weekly Weather Outlook – 5/24/15 to 5/30/15

National Weather Outlook Rain, rain, go away! While the East and West coasts start the week off with sunny and clear skies, the Midwest, South, and western parts of the country are experiencing rain and thunderstorms.  Higher elevations in Colorado are still being exposed to wintry